Thursday, December 4, 2014

St. Marcurius

St. Marcurius
The Feast of his Martyrdom
Archangel Michael appeared to Mercurius holding a shining sword. He said:

"Mercurius, servant of Jesus Christ, don't be afraid. Take this sword from my hand and fight the Berbers with it. Don't forget your God when you come back victoriously. I am Michael the Archangel, whom God sent to inform you that you should suffer for the Lord's name. I shall be with you and support you, until you complete your testimony. The name of our Lord Jesus Christ will be Glorified in you."

The saint took the sword from the archangel, hence the name Abu-Seifein - "the holder of two swords", a military sword and a divine sword. He conquered the Berbers, feeling the assurance of divine strength. When Decius heard the news about the triumphant victory, he appointed Mercurius prince.

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