Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Points of Resemblance Between St. Peter & St. Paul

Both were Jews.
Both were called by the Lord.
The Lord changed the name of each of them.
The Holy Spirit came upon each of them; and each of them spoke with tongues.
Each of them had the power to give the Holy Spirit.
Each of them made wonders and miracles.
Each of them raised up a dead.
Each of them was a flame of energy, holy zeal, and work of predication.
Each of them preached and taught, and made efforts in the ministry.
Each of them was bold and courageous in his predication.
Each of the two saints Peter and Paul was firm in his punishment of the sinners.
In spite of all this, the two saint apostles were humble.
Each of them was exposed to many persecutions.
Saint Peter suffered scourging for Christ, and likewise also he was confined to jail.
As for Paul, how numerous are the persecutions which happened to him and to his participants in the ministry!?
Each of the saints Peter and Paul obtained the crown of martyrdom.

H. H. Pope Shenouda III 

Points of Resemblance between St. Peter and St. Paul † Both were Jews.† Both were called by the Lord.† The Lord...
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