Saturday, April 16, 2016

Christ Healing The Paralytic

There is clear evidence of the great goodness of Christ in that He does not wait for entreaties from the sick but anticipates their request with His own loving kindness. See how He runs to the one who is lying down and how compassionate He is to one who was sick with no one to comfort him. 

But the inquiry as to whether he would like to be relieved from his infirmity was not that of one asking out of ignorance what was obvious, but of one stirring up an increased desire and diligent entreaty. The question as to whether he wanted to obtain what he longed for is huge. It has the kind of force and expression that conveys that Jesus has the power to give and is now ready to do so, only waiting for the request of the one who will receive this grace. 

St. Cyril of Alexandria 

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